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3 in 1 Camera Open-Ended Design Male Sex Masturbator Cup

3 in 1 Camera Open-Ended Design Male Sex Masturbator Cup

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What is the ideal automatic masturbator? The hottest unlimited masturbation device in 2023 is here. Both ends can be inserted, when the insertion port is changed you can enjoy from root vibration+root rotary piston to root rotary piston+root vibration. Remove the cover and make a through hole, if you don't remove it, it will be impenetrable. This masturbator can meet man's all needs. In addition, there are 7 thrusting, rotating, vibrating modes, you can get 7*n playing methods, you can disassemble the main body and enjoy the intense glans rotary piston modes. The 3D realistic sleeve offer you a comfortable feeling. Perfect size and USB charging, easy to carry and charge. Do you fall in love with it?


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